10 Profitable Small Business Ideas for Interior Designers in 2019

Do you run an interior design business and wish to earn additional income on the side? If YES, here are 10 best small business ideas for interior designers in 2019.

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to reach a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment. Interior designers on their part create interior spaces functional, secure, and lovely by determining distance requirements and choosing decorative pieces, such as colors, lighting, and fabrics.

While inside designing is a job or business on its own, but there are several other businesses that may be discovered in the value string of the interior decoration line of business.

So for someone who necessarily don’t need to maintain the whole chunk of interior designing for one reason or another, there are yet businesses that you can delve into while still living your dream of being in the business.

We’ve listed under 10 of such business ideas that you take your selection of this one that suits your attention and financial ability.

10 Best Small Business ideas for Interior Designers in 2019

1. Home Restoration and Preservation Business

A home preservation company helps creditors, banks and financial institutions who have foreclosed properties to clean and preserve services on these properties on behalf of these associations. Banks under regulations are not granted the authority to be involved in property management business, and due to this they usually outsource this related obligation to property preservation companies.

Because of the downturn of the economy, which contributed to a growth in the amount of foreclosed properties; more and more property preservation copped up to fill in the gaps to the banks, lenders, and other financial institutions.

Snappy decisions are often demanded since it is a fairly demanding sector, and so if you submit a proposition and you’re contacted in response to your proposal; it’s to the advantage of your business should you accept the contract offer immediately.

This also means you would have already had set up the essential assets and human resources. This is an extremely competitive market, and thus if you cannot meet the bank’s immediate needs or cannot accept the contract immediately, you may not likely receive a second chance.

A house recovery business is a business which simplifies neglecting homes. Reservation and recovery is a subset of house recovery. Restoration is extremely popular and can be a specialization field of home designing and people who participate in this business are pros who have bagged years of expertise.

In case you’ve got such years of expertise, then you may delve into this business.

A house preservation and restoration specialist handles various projects on recovery in line with the buildings demands. Other recovery jobs in this field include; paintingvinyl replacement, beam structure, plaster and ceiling jobs.

The restorer functions on the structural integrity of this construction and because of this, that you have to get certified and qualified. It’s possible to seek the services of an experienced structural engineer on part-time or total time bases should you prefer.

The restorer fixes structural flaws, damages and execute both important and fundamental repairs.

You might even use smart programs, programs, educational material and an present list. Your charges depend upon your location, cost of construction materials and range of work.

2. Interior Redesign Business

Interior redesign is just another special place in the business of interior design. The duty of the inside redesign would be to use already existing furniture and accessories at a more sensible and gorgeous way.

The re-designer may add a few things but normally uses what’s available. The project description of the inside re-designer covers both residential apartments and business premises. They supply more functional storage, filling and space system for houses and businesses.

But there is 1 section of the industry that is experiencing particularly powerful growth and poses a fantastic opportunity for creative men and women that want to know more about professions in house design.

Rather than creating a completely new decorating scheme using fresh furnishings and accessories, as an interior designer , an interior redesigner works with all the homeowner currently owns–such as things purloined from different rooms in the house –and rearranges it to provide a room a totally new appearance.

The outcome is a decorator look without the decorator cost .

“Redesigners really are a’safe’ version of the conventional designer,” states Julea Joseph, 44, proprietor Space at Chicago. “People are not searching for an interior designer to sweep in to their house and say,’Darling, what needs to go.’ Instead, they are educated consumers who only want a person to pull everything together”

“[Redesigners] are nonjudgmental regarding the homeowner’s possessions, and they will work with any restrictions or within any funding,” says Michele Roark, proprietor of Interior Arrangements From Michele Roark at St. Michaels, Maryland, and vice manager of Interior Redesign Industry Specialists, the redesign business’s top membership organization.

“Regardless of what the homeowner gets, a redesign will operate with it and make it work.”

“We provide an alternative to expensive design services which verifies and honors the customers’ own choices.”

Though redesign is not a new sector, the notion just recently captured on if HGTV’s Decorating Cents coined the word to describe its no-cost decorating section. Prior to this, Mark, 46, states people’s most frequent response to the notion of redesign was,”You rearrange furniture, and I am supposed to cover you [for this ]?”

Re designers who specialize in commercial redesign may control even higher hourly prices. Because of this, with the proper advertising and neighborhood vulnerability, it is possible for a sole proprietor to make a six-figure income within this discipline within only a few years.

Normally, redesigners operate in one of 2 manners. Some prefer to dive into a space, eliminate every stick of furniture and each accessory, then bring back all of the original pieces, in addition to items located in different chambers, and organize everything in a fresh and exciting manner.

Since this kind of redesign could be physically demanding, redesigned frequently hire assistants to assist with lifting and carrying. Additional redesigned prefer to provide design consultations and evaluations instead, rather than do any hands-on effort.

3. Faux Painting Business

Faux painting is another arm of interior decoration business. They use paint, glazes and other websites, and must be experts at blending colors and applying them with just the right touch.

One of the sorts of faux finishes popular today are marbling, precious stone, patina, trompe l’oeil and stenciling.

This only decorative art form is usually practiced by true artists, despite the fact that it’s likely to accomplish a specific level of proficiency during hands-on instruction.

The job is extremely technical and it pays well. Due to the specialty nature of the job and the technical skill involved, faux painters may make $400 a day or longer, or around $60 from the hour.

Get the licensing you’ll want — a general business license and sales tax permit. Obtain an Employer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service, even if you don’t intend on hiring workers.

The EIN replaces your social security number when you establish a business bank account or sign contracts. It’s also used on the 1099 form rather than your social security number.

Some states require a builder’s license for painting offices and houses. It’s far better to check ahead of time if you require a contractor’s license to paint wall murals and finishes.

4. Sell Fashionable Home Decor

Do you love decorating but do not want to bother having a diploma in design? Go into decorating sales. Starting your own home decor business can be an enjoyable and financially rewarding approach to dabble in interior decorating.

You can start selling fashionable home decor that easily catch the eye of interior designers. There are several do-it-from-home direct sales companies that focus on decorating and design. Starting with one of these companies can be a good way for beginners to break into the decor sales business.

Before you begin any home-based business, do your research. Check out the history and integrity of the company you are interested in representing to make sure you would be making a sound investment. Research the home business tax laws in your state because an independent consultant, you’ll be responsible for your own taxes.

There are numerous do-it-from-home direct sales companies that focus on design and decorating. Starting with one of these businesses can be a good method for beginners to break into the decor sales business.

Going through a direct sales company means that there is little risk and start up costs for you, and the majority of the inventory, overhead and paperwork is cared for by somebody else.

Below is a sampling of companies that provide home decor separate revenue. There are also numerous direct-sale business opportunities that provide more particular items for your home, such as baskets, candles, knives and cookware. And remember about residence service business opportunities, such as faux finishing, decorating, painting, cleaning or home staging.

  • At Home America: At Home America features casual, country-style home decor items from candles to table top to organizing.
  • Celebrating Home: Celebrating Home offers a vast selection of traditional-style home decor and accessories along with garden and patio accents.
  • Linen WorldLinen World focuses on all types of home products, from sheets to kitchen tools.
  • Princess House: Princess House features home decor, food, serving and kitchen items.
  • Signature Home Styles: Signature Home Styles offers a wide variety of home accessories and decor, from traditional to contemporary.

5. Sell Artificial Flowers

Nowadays artificial flowers are frequently utilized in interior decoration. There are used in domestic homes, on events and events, in hotels, restaurants as well as decorate commercial places too.

It is possible to start your artificial flowers business from home, however you’ll need to have a catalog you’re able to show your customers for them to make their choice.

Any individual can initiate this gentleman business by two ways. You can initiate it as home based and part-time basis. Another manner is launching a flower shop.

If you enjoy making your own flower arrangements and receive compliments in your projects, you’ll likely succeed in promoting artificial flower arrangements with a little bit of creativity, you can turn your hobby into a business.

Selling artificial flower arrangements can give you an opportunity to make money whilst doing what you like. But, it’s very important to follow the proper measures to conduct business legally.

Decide on a location. Choose whether you will sell your flower arrangements from home or by another place. We often begin working from the basement or garage and expand as the business grows. Others work from home and rent a storage device for their supplies and stock.

If you live in a state that collects sales tax, you’ll need to have a license to collect the tax on your state’s behalf. Submit your request with your State Comptroller’s Office, which needs one to supply the physical location of your business. In certain states, the license is free, while other states charge a commission. Business license guidelines generally vary by state. Your Comptroller’s Office can notify you in the event that you need other licenses.

Although not always necessary, if you’re planning to hire workers, you’ll need an EIN to report payroll taxes.

Build your inventory. Produce a lot of unique layouts to appeal to different tastes.

Market your flower structures. Contact local consignment stores, and think about selling your flower arrangements at flea markets, fairs and farmers’ markets.

Increase your client base using a website. Post pictures of the various designs along with their prices and short descriptions. Consider taking orders. As an example, a customer may enjoy one of your layouts, but want it in another color.

6. Antique Furniture Refurnishing Business

Calling all handypeople using a home based job; the time has never been better than today to start an antique furniture refinishing and repair business, as customer demand has skyrocketed for antiques at a fantastic state of repair.

After again, antique furniture refinishing business can easily be operated right from a home-based workshop. Finding clients for the service can be as easy as attending antique auctions and sales and handing out business cards to folks who have just purchased a classic piece of furniture that requires repairs or refinishing.

Furthermore, the service can be promoted by establishing alliances with antique retailers who can use your service or work as a referral to the service to their clients. Purchasing antiques in bad condition yourself, then refinishing and selling them for a profit can also generate additional income.

Antique furniture is pricey, and their owners constantly look for professional and experienced hands in order for it to repair them when they have worn out.

You can start and operate this business out of home when you are creative and have great carpentry skills. This kind of business is very lucrative if you are good at what you’re doing.

7. Windows Installation Business

During the makeover of a building, there is usually will need to alter the windows. This need has supplied an exceptional business market. By only replacing older windows, a whole makeover of an area is possible.

Modern production methods and materials can be licensed with this booming industry. This is one of the most demanded interior designing services globally. You can maximize your income by also promoting the windows you set up.

As consumers start to understand the monetary benefit to adopting a more energy conscious doctrine, energy efficient windows have gained in popularity. New windows may also increase security, offer sound proofing or just supply a much better view.

Beginning a door or window replacement business could prove rewarding. A background in carpentry or undergoing employment with a home exterior company can be significantly helpful.

8. Fabric Store

This is a really profitable retail business in the interior design business. Fabrics and linens are essential substances in the house.

If you like crafts, like quilting and sewing, and feel there’s a demand for more options of cloth in the regional region, you may begin your own cloth shop. Using a cloth store, you can provide your clients the decision to buy cloth in store or by assembling an e-commerce site for them to store at anytime.

According to Entrepreneur, an internet business resource,”Fabric stores have traditionally been quite lucrative specialty retail operations since the markups applied to cloths for retail earnings could surpass 100 percent or more” To start a shop, you need to be ready to get roughly $10,000 to $50,000 in startup capital, according to Entrepreneur.

9. Professional Organizer

This is another area that is still in its infancy but growing quickly. Professional organizers cut through the clutter in people’s homes and businesses to assist them live easier, more organized lives. They also develop customized organizational plans using storage and filing methods, which their clients can live with and maintain readily.

While there aren’t any available statistics on the number of professional organizers practicing now, what is understood is that the National Association of Professional Organizers, which was established in 1985, counts 3,200 individuals among its membership.

Because there are no educational prerequisites, few equipment/tool costs and no licensing issues, this is one of the easiest house layout businesses to establish.

10. Cabinet Door Making and Repairing

Cabinet and doorways are extremely significant part an interior appearance. Most times, interior decorators might believe that a new building needs new cabinet doors or if the doors it came with are antique, may ask to have them repaired and refurbished.

You can begin this technical service supplying business. You can assist the people to acquire a new cabinets or repair the old ones that they have and give it a brand new appearance.

Almost every building with a kitchen or toilet has cabinets, which are made by cabinet making businesses.

With new buildings constantly being constructed and existing ones frequently being remodeled, there’s a strong and steady demand for these businesses. According to IBISWorld, the cupboard and manufacturing market has been growing at 5.2 percent annually over the past five decades and brings in over $16 billion each year in earnings.

Who’s this business right for?

Anybody who likes woodworking and has an eye for detail may delight in running a cabinet making business. Making cabinets entails working hands-on with wood, but all cuts and measurements have to be exact.

What happens during a normal day at a cabinet manufacturing business?

Cabinet making business owners spend a great deal of time producing cabinets, which entails cutting, cutting, fastening, and gluing. When not really building cabinets, business owners might be designing cabinets with customers or installing and delivering finished cabinets.

What is the target market?

Though property owners are the men and women who ultimately cover cabinets, these professionals will be the gateways to property owners. Home owners are going to request recommendations, and many will use the cabinet manufacturer their builder, builder, interior designer or architect urges.

More Business Ideas:

Interior Decorating Business Plan Sample

Barton Interiors is a suggested partnership which will provide comprehensive interior design solutions for offices and homes at the Boulder, Colorado region. Barton Interiors will also offer access to goods to match the plan consulting services such as furniture, both new and classic, decorator cloth, and home and office accessories.

This partnership gives the personalized solutions the target market needs and can manage in a means that’s distinctive from theory to execution.

Recent market research suggests a particular and growing requirement in the region for its interior design consulting services and goods Barton Interiors provides the marketplace it will function. The industry strategy will be dependent upon a cost-effective strategy to accomplish this clearly defined target market.

Even though the populace of Boulder is below 100,000, the marketplace has a substantial amount of comparatively affluent households which are aware of the overall look and feel of their house and offices.

Barton Interiors will concentrate on developing strong and loyal customer relationships offering design alternatives depending on the customer’s preference, character, usage, and goals to the distance. The extra selection, availability of merchandise, design solutions, and also value-based pricing will distinguish Barton Interiors in the alternatives in the region.

The venture will reveal rising profits in year three and two, with earnings projected to grow to nearly $80,000. This interior design business plan summarizes the concept and execution and details concerning the first 3 decades of the partnership.

Read more here

Types of Interior Design Businesses

Interior Redesign

Rather than buy new furniture and decorations for clients, this type of interior design business uses people’s present furniture and accessories, and rearranges them to provide the space a different look. Some re-designers specialize in real estate staging, where the designer rearranges furnishings specifically for real estate viewings, and also to help homes sell faster. Other redesigned work for residential or business clients, to give them a new look at a more affordable price than a complete design.

Professional Organizer

Many individuals long to declutter and organize their offices or homes and live simpler, easier, more organized lives, but don’t know where to begin. A professional organizer tailors storage and filing systems for each customer’s particular needs. Organizers can also teach organization, goal-setting and time-management skills, and may help arrange home moves and fiscal record-keeping. Organizers can also work together with businesses to improve productivity by enhancing work-flow, filing systems, space layout and time-management practices. The National Association of Profession Organizers offers careers advice, certification and training.


This region of interior design requires some training or skill in carpentry, painting, general construction or plastering. Restoration designers, also known as conservationists, concentrate in restoring and preserving classic features and furnishings. Many restorers specialize in a certain region of recovery, such as furniture, plasterwork, interval paints and painting methods. Others may specialize in sourcing classic accessories and substances to be utilised in restoration projects.

Design Consulting

Many inside design businesses are product-driven — they offer customers layout advice and also sell them furnishings and other goods to achieve a particular style and”look.” Within this type of design business, the designer earns most of their cash from merchandise sales. However, interior designer businesses may also concentrate on consulting. In these kinds of business, the designer is selling their information and expertise and is much more often paid by the hour, or by the project. Some design consultants specialize in areas like feng shui, or children’s rooms.

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