Snapchat Updates 2019 : How To Change Font & Text Styles on Snapchat

Are you a new Snapchat user and confronting difficulties in realizing the basic functions of this Program? Well, many men and women face issues initially, and yet one question everybody asks is, How to Change Font in Snapchat? So don’t worry, in this particular post, you will acquire many methods to alter and test out various fonts on Snapchat.

Snapchat is a popular mobile program that lets you send videos and pictures — both of which will self-destruct after a few moments of a individual viewing them. You see, using Snapchat, you capture a photograph or a movie, you then include a caption or a doodle or a filter/lens along with it, and after that, you ship the finished creation (called a snap) for your friends. As an alternative, you can add this snap into your”story”.

It’s mainly directed towards teenagers and adults, but right now, Snapchat is mostly a hit among teens.


There are lots of attributes within Snapchat. However, yes, in its heart, Snapchat is utilized to send photos and videos to friends. Your friends can see them for up to 10 seconds, and then they vanish. A narrative is a 24-hour collection of your snaps which you’ve broadcasted to the world or your followers. Snapshot will also let you message buddies, see them on a map, start a video conversation, send cash, and much more.

Snapshot provides a lot of useful features to its users like filters, lenses, writing something or incorporating texts so that you are able to make that snap more beautiful before sharing it on Snap chat together with your friends. Adding texts on your snap can be a beautiful way to describe your snap expressively.

In Snapchat the text written could be formatted at Bold, Italic or subtract as per your preference. It is also possible to change the color of the texts, make it big or small in size or change the orientation of this text. But it lacks a certain feature to alter the font style. Both in ios and android, there’s no direct method to change the font design. So here in this informative article , I will let you know how it is possible to change font styles in your snaps to make it look more beautiful.

1. Snapchat Font Download — Install a third party computer keyboard

Snapshot doesn’t give accessibility for users to alter font style in its program. However, by using a third party keyboard which gives user access to different font design can be used to add unique fonts on your snaps.

I favor using FANCYKEY KEYBOARD — COOL FONTS to alter font style in my snaps. You can use any other program which supports composing in various font styles.

As I have myself used it. You can even write somewhere else and copy paste it out to your snapchat narrative.

STEP 1:- Install ‘Fancykey keyboard’ out of PlayStore. It’s nothing but a third party keyboard which supports writing in different Font styles. You are able to pick any other keyboard which supports font style formatting.

You can download the following app from here:- Fancy Keyboard

Measure 2:- Open the app. It is going to first let you power on the computer keyboard from handle tab and then to make it your default Keyboard. After doing all that close the app. Making it default keyboard is essential so you can write with this computer in Snapchat.

Step 3:- Open Snapchat, and click a snap with your telephone camera. This Snapchat’s snap may be stored on the telephone, send to friends or can be made Snapchat’s narrative.

Measure 4:- Select Text . (‘T’ at the top right corner of the phone’s screen). This button is used to compose something on your clicked photograph. The color of this text could be changed by Snapchat itself.

Measure 5:- Select Fonts choice on your keyboard (The F button at the top left corner of the keyboard). This keyboard will only be revealed to you in the event that you have set it as your default keyboard. . After touching the shadow option, select cool font choice from the 7 choices shown to you (The next choice with F written on it).

Step 6:- Select your favorite font style in the respective options shown to you. After picking your font design, type whatever you wish to on the snap. The ribbon will be written on your preferred font style.

Whatever you write in your own snap will be on your preferred font style. You can add this snap to you story, send it to your friends or save it on your own phone.

After composing By clicking again on the’T’ button you can change the orientation, color, size and location of your chosen text.

Change Snapchat Font Style using Fancy Text Generator

You might also install a font partitioning program with which you can write somewhere in your own text and Copy-Paste it directly for you snap.

You can download the following app from here:- Fancy Text Generator

Measure 1:- Install Fancy Text Generator. It’s also available free in Play Store. It is not a keyboard but supports in-app ribbon formatting that you’ll be able to paste and copy anywhere you would like.

Step 2:- Simply type your text in the column where it is written”Enter your text here”. Sort the text which you need to display on your snap.

Step 3:– Only after writing the text in the column. It will show various kinds of font design. You can Pick from it your favorite type of font which you want to display in your snap

Step 4:- Just click on the font style you enjoyed the most. It’ll be automatically copied on your clipboard. You can now paste it on your snaps. Because it is glued on a photograph it doesnt requires some in-app service to write.

Now this snap may be stored to a phone, set as your Snapchat’s narrative or send to your friends.

These 2 approaches are the only way for today to alter the font design in Snapchat. Snapshot does not support inbuilt font design changer. So it’s just possible through third-party applications. With recent Snapchat upgrades Bold Italic and Underline formatting is supported. Maybe in future font style partitioning will also be supported by Snapchat.

If you have any difficulties during any step Mentioned Previously, feel free to ask us in remarks

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