Creating Synergy In Workplace: 4 Steps to Do

Synergy is a buzzword that managers and HR specialists like to bandy about; occasionally they get it and sometimes they really don’t have any idea. In short, synergy takes place in the office when two or more individuals working together create a better result than if they did it independently. It’s not a touchy-feely idea, but instead is a sensible way of getting results — and it’s not all that hard to create.

How do I get me some of that synergy?

The issue with workplace synergy is that you can not just trigger it with great technology and strong communication. Understand that now. You can’t precisely purchase good synergy. Everything you need as a good starting point is what virtually every company should maximize efficiency. And that is workers who work well together.

This isn’t just as simple as not hiring the guy who insulted everyone during his interview and was quite clearly not going to be great to work with. What is needed from you is a close inspection of how your employees work together. And I’m not just talking about their friendly communication. You can’t just look over at a pair or a group, see them giggling and smiling and assume everything is okay. In fact, that could even be a sign that things aren’t going perfectly. You need to review the actual work these employees are producing together. Sure, they may be able enjoy a joke together. But can the two actually produce more when working together than they can when they’re working separately?

Of course, when you look at it like this, you can see what a tremendous task it is to maximise office synergy. This would require you to observe the interactions between everyone. Every single possible employee combination would have to have researched in order to come up with the most efficient work plan. This is going to take a long time. This is why you need to keep an eye on these things as early as possible. If you’re starting up a business, you’re in luck here. Starting with a relatively small number of employees, you can see all the combinations of people and see who exactly works together best. Over a long period, you’ll know exactly who to pair up with who.

Can I boost synergy with fancy technology?

One of the big modern crazes when it comes to business tech is cloud computing. Most companies these days are working with it. The benefits of having everyone work in the cloud and numerous and tremendous. Let’s go way back to the days before cloud computing. Let’s say there’s a document that several people in your office need to work on simultaneously. Back in the day, this was a massive hassle. Chances are you couldn’t all edit it or even access it at the same time. You had to keep separate local files. Then you’d end up with several version of the same document. Then someone would have to bring them all together and edit it together into something coherent. But with modern cloud computing, sharing and editing these documents collaboratively is easy. People can even access files in the cloud from mobile devices if need be. If you want everyone on the same path with potent business synergy coursing through their veins, you’ll need cloud storage. You can browse around CMIT Solutions for these services.

You’re also going to need a way for people to communicate efficiently. Are your employees still having to travel around the office in order to speak to other employees? I’m assuming not; you most likely have email. But email doesn’t quite cut it these days. Instant messaging is an absolute must in the modern office. You don’t even need a specialised business solution for this. Everyone in your office can sign up for Skype and install it. By setting up one-on-one chats as well as group chats, you can make sure the right information is always going to the right people. After all, communication is still key if you want your office to be as productive as possible. Why else would I have suggested getting rid of the bad apples earlier? Skype will also allow video calling if people have to work remotely and you have to set up a formal meeting.

here is step by step to create synergy in your workplace

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Evaluate your employees to uncover their interpersonal skills. Look for leadership qualities and the ability to follow directions. Check out who’s quiet and diligent and who communicates with exuberance and energy.

Coordinate your teams so they complement each other, instead of placing people with similar attributes together. You’ll have difficulty developing synergy, for example, if you put a bunch of leaders on one project – there’ll be no one left to do the grunt work.

Switch up your floor plan to create more open spaces so team members can easily collaborate without having to call a meeting. When employees can lean over and talk with coworkers or quickly take a poll before making a big decision, you increase the likelihood that they’ll work together more. Isolation in separate offices with doors is antithetical to synergy.

Set goals for your company that everyone can get behind. Synergy is much more likely to occur when everyone is aiming for the same goal. People find ways to overcome their differences when they have a common objective. At the same time, you’ve got to make sure that everyone will be rewarded for their efforts, whether it’s bonuses or increased hours, the goal should have something in it for everyone to push them into that synergetic mode.


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