How to Start a Business As a Reflexologist in 2019

One of the most important business decisions when starting your own business as a Reflexologist is finding a location that presents a safe, nurturing, professional image. Joining an already existing business that consists of complimentary practitioners is an ideal way to begin your practice. Sharing space by alternating days in the office with one of the other occupants can reduce start-up costs.

Make sure new office signage which includes the word Reflexology and your business name is prominent as soon as the rental lease is signed. Decide on times of availability and get a business phone unless you are willing to field calls nights and weekends. Many new practitioners welcome such calls and continue using an existing cell phone.

here step by step to start Start a Business As a Reflexologist:

Business Address

Have promotional materials like business cards printed with your Reflexology credentials, location and phone number.

Get the best brochures you can afford

Brochures with diagrams showing reflexology zones along with the corresponding body organs and a brief explanation of how reflexology works are great advertising.


Advertising is a major business decision to make in launching your new practice. Free advertising is essential. A press release describing your new reflexology business might run in your local paper for free.

Direct Marketing

The best way for a new reflexology practitioner to jump start their practice is to start calling or visiting virtually every civic organization and club in their market area.

Present yourself as an expert in your field and offer to give a presentation or free demonstration. Get your business known by joining local civic groups and volunteering for charitable causes.

Offer to give free mini-reflexology sessions at nursing homes or senior centers. Participate in local health fairs, and give free mini-sessions or coupons.

When starting your own practice as a Reflexologist, location, availability, cost-cutting and high visibility are your keys to success.

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