How to Start a Hot Shot Company in Texas in 2019: 6 Steps

Texas has a motto that all is bigger, and with the enormous skyscrapers, huge towns and big hats, a great deal of what Texas has is larger. Sexy hindsight, the company, has franchise opportunities for providing delivery through flatbed truck, straight truck, LTL, freight van and even air travel. People with a watch for logistics and a mind for business can begin a Hot Shot courier business by following a couple of strategic measures.

“Hot shot” is the expression for an expedited delivery by express courier services. Hot shot businesses range in size from a single van to hundreds of vehicles, plus they make deliveries of all from timber to authorized documents.

Texas is an ideal spot to initiate a popular photo service, with many large commercial towns and a regional oil business that needs a speedy delivery of drilling samples and rig gear. Beginning a hot shot in Texas offers owner independence and retains many deliveries near home. Owners must be ambitious, good marketers and communicators, and flexible in coping with fluctuating economic environments and multiple industries.

here is 6 steps to start hot shot company:

1. Look into the Hot Shot franchise

Visit and find out about the company. Contact their 24-hour customer service department and ask about franchise opportunities. Becoming part of a company will give you brand electricity and give customers the peace of mind of company consistency.

2. Create a business strategy

Create a business strategy. Summarize all your ideas and strategies for your business, including your own mission, goal and marketing ideas. According to the Small Business Adminstration, your business plan is a living document comprising all of the ideas you’ve got for your business.

3. Decide which business entity you’re producing

Decide which business entity you’re producing –a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or company. Go to to apply for your company identification number and obtain valuable tax information.

4. Type of Vehicles 

Decide on which type of vehicles will best suit your business. Use your business plan as a blueprint for constructing your company. Determine which avenue of delivery is appropriate for your business’s assignment. Buy vehicles that will transport your products both safely and promptly.

5. Obtain reliable insurance

Obtain reliable insurance.Your insurance must cover the vehicle, the driver and the bundles you’re delivering. Research local and national commercial insurance providers for one that will fit all your coverage requirements.

6. Texas regulating courier services

Learn the laws in Texas regulating courier services. Depending on your transportation vehicle, your driver may need a CDL (commercial driver’s license). Stop by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles for info related to your chosen transportation vehicle.

More business ideas:


  • Pick a name for your business and register the name with the County Clerk to obtain a doing business as (DBA). The name should convey speed and not limit you to a single delivery market.
  • Hire an attorney and incorporate your business to protect your personal property in case your business does not fare well.
  • Join frequent customer rewards programs at filling stations and truck stops, and use cash wherever possible to save money on your biggest expense, which is fuel.
  • If you are new to the road, consider joining a trucking industry organization like Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association or the National Association of Independent Truckers. A small yearly fee gives you access to industry information and rebates on truck insurance.
  • Contact freight brokers to register your business with them and learn about the current market for shipping in Texas and the region. Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Mississippi are states with potential opportunities related to oil and gas drilling operations.
  • Contact local businesses to offer your services directly to shippers, or reach out to existing hot shot companies to round out your schedule as a subcontractor.



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