How to Start Up a Fried Chicken Restaurant: 5 Steps

Starting any new business is a big challenge but launching your own restaurant calls for a great deal of effort and patience. Most new restaurants will probably fail within a year, according to “Entrepreneur Magazine,” but that does not mean yours can not be a triumph. If you would like to start a fried chicken restaurant, then you’ve already cleared the first barrier: deciding on an idea. Since fried chicken isn’t generally considered fine dining, you will likely skip some steps in restaurant possessing, such as applying for a liquor permit and creating an environment for a fancy meal.

1.Find a way to fund your start-up restaurant. Look for business partners or ask for financing from your family and friends. Take out a small business loan to kick start your business.

2. Scout for a location for your restaurant. When looking at buildings, consider the rent, where it is located and if there are other fried chicken places nearby. Talk with a real estate agent who is knowledgeable about the city to help pick the prime place for a new fried chicken place.

3.Work with a designer to remodel the building to become a restaurant. Buy a deep fryer and find a supplier for your chicken. Decide if you want to feature organic chicken or conventional meat.

4. Obtain a business license for your restaurant. Find out what requirements need to be met with the department of health in your city for opening a restaurant.

5. Hire a chef and wait staff right before you’re ready to open your restaurant.


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