How to Write a Good Performance Action Plan

A performance action program, also called a performance improvement program, offers employee guidelines for advancement, in writing, by the employee’s manager or supervisor. The activity plan is presented to the employee during his performance inspection. The plan generally includes a time period where the employee must improve his operation. To eliminate misunderstandings and to give the worker a clear path to follow along with the performance action plan must be properly implemented.

Conduct ongoing discussions together with the worker regarding her job performance before providing the strategy. Otherwise, the worker will be unprepared for the unsatisfactory review.

Write the activity plan, outlining previous talks with the dates of all the discussions. Include what was discussed and the outcome of those talks. As an example, if the worker agreed he needed to improve his job performance, note this agreement. If he didn’t consent, say accordingly.

Document the employee’s unmet criteria. Note the challenges the employee has faced in her role. State the hopes of the employee’s standing as outlined in her written job description that she should have a copy of.

State the effect of the worker’s performance on the department or business. Include how his operation has influenced his coworkers, subordinates or superiors.

Write down the behavior or operation changes, the worker needs to make. Include the assessment and effective date. State exactly what jobs the worker will perform and the way you will assist her to improve through the allotted time frame.

Notify the employee of his hopes, verbally and in writing. Discuss the strategies you may use to track his progress. For instance, if time management skills are an issue, inform him that you anticipate daily emails showing the progress on assigned projects.

Communicate with the worker what activities will be taken if she fails to meet job or behavior standards during the improvement period. This can include providing additional instruction, changing her job description or termination if standards are consistently unmet.

Ask the employee for feedback on the actions program. He doesn’t need to give you a written reply; but if he prefers this method, allow him to do so. He can also provide you with verbal feedback, which you should notice and ask him to first. If he does not need to provide his ribbon, write down the answer and include the date and time.

Inform the employee to sign the action plan. Verify the document states that the employee’s signature doesn’t mean she agrees with its articles; she is simply acknowledging receipt of it.

Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Template


TO:                 (insert employee’s name)

FROM:            (insert manager’s name)

DATE:                        (insert date)

RE:                  Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

The purpose of this Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is to define serious areas of concern, gaps in your work performance, reiterate Western University [Name of College]’s expectations, and allow you the opportunity to demonstrate improvement and commitment.

Areas of Concern:

Text Box: Bullet point issues and how employee’s lack of performance and/or behavior has affected his/her co-workers, the company and clients/customers.

Observations, Previous Discussions or Counseling:

Text Box: Recap dates/times you have addressed the issues in the recent/relevant past. Reference previous documents when applicable.

Step 1:  Improvement Goals: These are the goals related to areas of concern to be improved and addressed:



Step 2:  Activity Goals:  Listed below are activities that will help you reach each goal:

Goal  # Activity How to Accomplish Start Date Projected Completion Date

Step 3:  Resources:  Listed below are resources available to you to complete your Improvement activities (may include other people’s time or expertise, funds for training materials and activities, or time away from usual responsibilities.)


[OPTIONAL:  This can be incorporated as part of Step 3: Resources, above]  Management Support:  Listed below are ways in which your manager will support your Improvement activities.


Step 4:  Expectations: The following performance standards must be accomplished to demonstrate progress towards achievement of each Improvement goal:


Step 5  Progress Checkpoints:  The following schedule will be used to evaluate your progress in meeting your Improvement activities.

Goal # Activity Checkpoint Date Type of Follow-up (memo/call/meeting) Progress Expected Notes

Follow-up Updates:  You will receive feedback on your progress according to the following schedule:

Date Scheduled Activity Conducted By Completion Date
  30-day Update Memo [Supervisor/Manager]  

[or 60-day]

Update Memo



[or 75, or 90 – Day]

Status Memo


Timeline for Improvement, Consequences & Expectations:

Effective immediately, you are placed on a (insert 60, 75, or 90)-day PIP.  During this time you will be expected to make regular progress on the plan outlined above.  Failure to meet or exceed these expectations, or any display of gross misconduct will result in further disciplinary action, up to and including termination.  In addition, if there is no significant improvement to indicate that the expectations and goals will be met within the timeline indicated in this PIP, your employment may be terminated prior to (insert 60, 75, or 90) days.  Furthermore, failure to maintain performance expectations after the completion of the PIP may result in additional disciplinary action up to and including termination.

The PIP does not alter the employment-at-will relationship. Additionally, the contents of this PIP are to remain confidential.  Should you have questions or concerns regarding the content, you will be expected to follow up directly with me. 

We will meet again on as noted above to discuss your Performance Improvement Plan.  Please schedule accordingly.


Print Employee Name:_____________________________________

Employee Signature:  _____________________________________

Date:                           ___________________________

Print Supervisor/Manager Name:       _____________________________________

Supervisor/Manager Signature:          _____________________________________

Date:                           ___________________________

Bottom Line

Its time to look out for a job ASAP. Its a formal way of terminating an employee on the grounds of poor performance.

Its another way by which a employer mentally harass an employee.

Most of the time a employee is terminated after PIP.

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